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The Life and Times of Jeremy M.

(and other strange things)

Jeremy Mone
28 March
External Services:
Several icons I use came from labyrinthicons. If you like them, then please refer to there community site. All credit goes to the various people on there. Thanks.

Nicknames: JeremyM - Jareth the Goblin King - jarethmcfey - jareth and mcfey - Fayline Kintaro Grylore

Various info about me:

I am generally a quiet guy in person(depending on mood), but online I seem to talk alot. Ergo my active journal. I am Mr. Nice Guy, but I do have a wild streak too. That part is usually hard to get out, and especially if I am in new or uncomfortable situations. If I feel comfortable with the people I am around... well I can be quite the chatter box with a bit of depth and intelligence. I don't know alot about any one thing, but I do know a little about alot of things. My real specialty is computer and internet type things.

I have a few really good friends, and I don't think life would be something I could get through without them. I try to put allot into my friendships, and I know I get as much back out of it again. Good friends are something special, and I try to have as many very good friends as I can. If there is anything I will be loyal to till the end, then it is friendship... yet woe to the person that betrays me. (Yeah... that has happened to me before too.)

Things I like. I like eating out at restraunts, and I love Italian food (but chinese food is a close second). Plain ole spaghetti and meat sauce is my absolute favorite dish, but I like anything with pasta in it for the most part. I like to cook, but I am not very skilled at it. I love to learn and experiment, and I generally don't create burnt food. Those few dishes I have practiced I do a good job at. I mostly like to cook out of a crookpot, and I make a mean tacosoup and chili. I seek to expand my cooking skills and library someday.

I like to go out and walk in some of the parks and ponder on things in my life. If I have company then I will get more talkative as I walk and think. Well if we have a common topic anyways. I love to walk through places of beauty, like woods, rivers, and the snow. I have lived in a desert all my life, and so that kind of terrain holds little to no beauty for me anymore. I am not very big on alot of travelling, but once I am there I can adore the change in scenery from the usual.

I am generally curious about anything mystical or metaphysical. I believe in psychics, ghosts, and the powers of various divine beings. I have seen as much with my own senses. There is still so much to learn and understand in this world, and we may only have seen the tip of the iceberg with what we know now. I ascribe myself to no one religion though, and I prefer to follow my heart instead and find my own road. I guess that makes me a pagan after a fashion.

I like volleyball, love to swim, and like martial arts of various kinds. One of my passions is Capoiera (Brazillian dance/martial arts). Another of my passions is swordsmanship, and I meet with people to build my skill with the sword. I am not a wanna-be samurai... I am a practicing swordsman. Not like I would attack a person with a gun armed only with a sword, but if the situation were dire enough and it was all I had then I guess I would. I like to ride horseback, but I rarely get the oppurtunity to do so. I seem to get along rather well with animals. (There will always be exceptions, like my parents evil cat)

I love children, and as a matter of fact I have three of my own. My two lovely girls Damia & Elaira, and my son Darion. I am divorced, and have agreed to let the mother be the primary care for the kids in our joint custody. So I visit them when I can, and I love them alot. I tend to get along with most all children. I am a trusting person, and kids see this and usually trust me. I still can remember what its like to be a child. I guess this makes me somewhat good at being a family guy.

I strive to gain a deeper understand of myself in these days. It is tough as I will get distracted by various things in my life, but for the most part this is the course of my life. Love thyself, and others will find it easier to love you. Find acceptence in thyself, and others will find it easier to accept you. So I work to be at peace, and know thyself.

Want to learn more about me? Read my all too revealing journal entries. Otherwise chat with me online. I provide my IM handles and numbers for a reason! Become a part of my group of friends!

Note: This profile is a work in progress, and so it may change from time to time as I find a way to better describe msyelf, and things I would like out of life. Thank you!

Expansion on my interest in music. Bands and artisits I like:
Jethro Tull, Phil Collings, Genesis, Enya, Metallica, Styx, Beatles, Garth Brooks, Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombine, Foreigner, Emerson/Lake/Palmer, Simon & Garfunkel, Video game music, Queen, America, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Oyster Cult, They Might Be Giants, Sinead O'Connor, Tool, The Eagles, Train, Various Irish music, Various Techno pieces, and alot of movie soundtracks
Preferred Styles of Music: Rock and Folk rock music.

Expansion on my interest in books. Titles, types of stories, and writters I like:
Anne McCaffery, Issac Asimov, JRR Tolkien, Fairy Tales, Joan D. Vinge, Dean Ing, Amy Thomson, Michael Stackpole, Douglas Adams, Vonda N. McIntyre
Preferred Styles of Books: Science fiction and Fantasy

Expansion on my interest in movies. Titles, genre of movies, and maybe favorite actors:
Labyrinth (duh), Princess Bride, Dark Crystal, All the Matrix movies, SpiderMan, actually alot of the super hero movies (daredevil, hulk, etc), Krull, Willow, Good will hunting, Dead poets society, Robin Williams movies in general, LadyHawke, The Highlander movies (thou there should have been only one... heh), Conan, Mortal Kombat, Big Trouble in Little China, Dragon (movie of the life of Bruce Lee), Stargate, Zorro, Others I will fill in later...
Preferred Genre of Movie: SciFI, Action, Chick flicks (yes I do like them!)

Expansion on my interest in Anime:
Dominion and the Tank Police, Outlanders, Record of the Lodoss Wars, Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Alita, Most all Tenchi stuff, HexFiles (heh... porn), Ronin Warriors series, Sailor Moon, Robotech (any of it), Reboot (included cause it is different enough), DragonBall (all of it, and Z/GT/Etc), Ranma 1/2, Many other names as well... may fill in more later.
Preferred style of Anime: Things very high tech-ish. Ghost in the Shell is a very good example. High Tech space series are really good for me too.

Click on my Memories below to look for pictures of myself, and find out other interesting memorable entries about me! They are all open and public.