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Up tonight: Floggin Molly! #LiveJournal

So for the next couple of months I will be seeing a number of concerts. A week or two ago I saw Abney Park, and they were quite awesome! Tonight I will get to see Flogging Molly live, and for the first time! I am very excited to see the show!

I got another couple of concerts coming up as well, but since I let my lovely girlfriend make the plans the exact names and times slip my mind. I just know I am in for some more awesome!

I like this. I am getting out more often and getting to see new things, and in other events I am getting to meet new people. This is hardly bad for me at any level. I consider it good clean fun, and further training of my socialization skills. (and boy do I still need practice at that)

All in all... life has been very enjoyable, and yet there is still more to come!



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Jeremy Mone

Jeremy's insight:

The problem is choice.

Free will is the ultimate gift, and never is there a time when that is taken away from you. You will have it in life, in death, and for all time no matter what existence you live in.

Every moment is a chance to completely change your world by an action of choice.

Yet remember always...
"The truth can set you free..."

And so I live my life as much by honesty as I am able to express.
Being true to myself, and to the world around me.

No one could ever ask anything more of me...


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