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I don't know why, but occassionally the thought crosses through my mind... "I don't think I am an evil person, but is there people who believe I am?" I am far from a perfect person, and I can't say I have always done the right things. What I can say is that I did the best I can, and I will always do the best I can to be a good person. The hope being that over time trying to be the best person I can may be greater than any evils I may have ever enacted. Hopefully to the point where my lasting memory when I pass (someday far off I do hope) is that of a good person people will respect.

I know this is kinda random, but it is something I wonder about sometimes.



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Mar. 14th, 2011 08:12 am (UTC)
Good and evil are illusions based on transitory emotion, preference and opinion. Anyone could be helpful, generous and kind, or hurtful, selfish and cruel. And time and time again, any of these can be considered "good" or "evil". So no one is good or evil. No one can be.

Except for Hitler, and maybe members of the Westboro Baptist Church. I'm pretty sure THEY are evil.
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Jeremy's insight:

The problem is choice.

Free will is the ultimate gift, and never is there a time when that is taken away from you. You will have it in life, in death, and for all time no matter what existence you live in.

Every moment is a chance to completely change your world by an action of choice.

Yet remember always...
"The truth can set you free..."

And so I live my life as much by honesty as I am able to express.
Being true to myself, and to the world around me.

No one could ever ask anything more of me...


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