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LJ: Short but something new

Within the last couple of weeks I atteneded Wild Wild West Con. I got to meet John Wick in person and try a demo of his new game. I came to find out he was the creator behind Legend of the Five Rings, and 7th Sea. Two favorite games of mine. After the con was all said and done, I had commented to my girlfriend how I thought it would be fun to be able to actually game with John considering how much I enjoyed his personality and style of gaming. Ironically this is far from impossible as he lives in my city much to my surprise! Perhaps we will be able to stay in touch as I happened to find he has a LiveJournal as well. Truly a remarkable person!

The other very fun thing I got to do at the Con was attend the Abney Park concert! There were 3 acts, and theirs was the final and biggest (best in my opinion) act. I was bouncing all over the place, and very excited by the performance! I had a great deal of fun, and my poor ears were ringing all the way home! I am very very glad I got to see the show!

Beyond that event I can only say that I have been more active on Facebook as I try to learn how to expand that network of friends to stay in touch. I also have joined LinkedIN as a more perfessional route to networking, but I am a bit less sure how that will work out for me. Still it doesn't hurt to use it, and build it up some. Of course I am still on my twitter, and I have been trying to make a bit more of an effort not just to read what is going on, but write more and make comments. Communication is a two way street and all that. :)

Also my post here to kinda prove I still have an LJ and I still use it :P
Kinda funny how we can move from one new thing to the next, and have some elements kinda fall silently into the background. I have never been that outgoing of a person, but when I have something to say... you can be sure I will say it!

I think I will leave it there for now. I hope all are well and safe!

x Jeremy M.


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Yet remember always...
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